We can be trusted, You can rely on!
we really appreciated Daniel his patient and kindness!
We fight for your right and interest!
We can be trusted,You can rely on!
Daniel is very knowledgeable and experience!

The Geraldi Law Offices

The Geraldi Law Office is a full service, family law, litigation and estate planning firm located in San Ramon, California. The office is dedicated to servicing the needs of local, national and international clients in an array of practice areas.
You need the best team of lawyers on your side. Contacting the Geraldi Law Offices is the first step to obtain that goal. Daniel Geraldi is tough and knowledgeable. He will guide you through a variety of legal challenges, while protecting your rights every step of the way. With a combined practice of over thirty years, He has gained the trust and confidence of hundreds of clients over the course of their legal careers.
Clients often initially arrive at the Geraldi Law Offices feeling overwhelmed and confused by the complexity of the legal process. They look to the Geraldi Law Offices to navigate them out of that confusion and towards clarity. Daniel Geraldi will apprise you of your legal rights, ensure you are fully informed, discuss the unique aspects of your particular case, strategize with you to optimize your legal opportunities, and fight to achieve your goals.
The attorneys of the Geraldi Law Offices approach your legal issues with empathy and understanding, and work tirelessly to protect your rights. Many clients appreciate Daniel’s strength in negotiations and in collaborative law. Others know that fiercely contested issues may require lawyers who will fight hard in court. The Geraldi Law Offices is capable and committed to working for you in either situation.
The attorneys of the Geraldi Law Offices take pride in compassionately and affordably navigating clients through the most difficult and trying times. They offer personal attention and dedicated legal representation for clients facing serious legal decisions. They also offer weekend and evening appointments. Contact the Geraldi Law Offices to speak with an attorney you can trust. Tel: (925) 364-4741 or email to Daniel@geraldi-law.com

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As a recognized authority in family law matters, Daniel Geraldi has provided legal commentary for national news programs. The following segment was aired on August 17, 2015.
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